A New Life For Old Gym Wear

Gift, thrift or recycle.


Think about how much you can contribute to reducing the world's waste by donating items such as your used workout clothes. In a fast fashion world we want to do our bit to make sure the gymwear Aeon Vie produce is durable and long-lasting, but we all move on to new pairs of workout leggings or tops at some point. The key is to move on from pre-loved gym clothing responsibly.
There are a number of things you can do when considering what to do with your old workout wear to help avoid it ending up in a landfill.


If workout wear is giftable, pass it on.  



1. If there’s still life in those old leggings yet why not be a good friend and gift it forward. Your friends will love you for it and who knows maybe it will inspire them to gift something forward in return. 

2. Try selling it online. Ebay, Amazon and Gumtree are a few examples of easy-to-use online shopping sites who provide a platform which could help you find a new home for your pre-loved workout wear and even earn a small profit for you in return.

3. Donate it to charities who pass the clothing on to the less fortunate. Remember, make sure it still looks good and feels good to wear. Ensure anything you donate has been washed first.

4. If your items are very well worn and better suited to the ‘toss’ pile - recycle them. Not all fabric will go into new clothes but recycling provides a second chance for them to be made into new items and more importantly avoids ending up in a landfill. For more information on how to do this in your local area click on the recycle locators below.


For our UK friends click here
For our US friends click here 


If you are outside of these regions check your local government websites for advice.


As a fitness wear brand Aeon Vie are consciously trying to reduce waste wherever possible - not just in terms of our own activities but also how we can do more to educate our friends and customers to be more environmentally friendly.


We're all learning. 


From packaging to production, from purchased to pre-loved clothing - if we are all a little more conscious of how we dispose of things, it will go a long way to a healthier, sustainable planet.



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