Gym Life Post Covid-19

 5 tips to return to fitness post covid-19


After nearly 6 months in lockdown our gyms, swimming pools and ice rinks have reopened or are set to reopen their doors from August 31st. 




Who is ready for it? 


Whether this is your first return to training since lockdown or simply that gym life has not been on your agenda for a while, we’ve pulled together 5 tips we think will help ease you back into a training routine.

1. Don’t overwhelm yourself with picking up exactly where you left off. Give your body time to adjust to the equipment or training regime it’s been away from. 

2. Listen to your body. Take rest days. We know you’re only just getting back into the gym but recovery and rest is still important. If you go full out ‘beast mode’ for the next two weeks straight because you’ve missed it, it’s likely you will burn out. Have a plan that eases you back into a routine and includes time to recover.

3. Be sure to include a proper warm-up and cool down routine. Not only will this enhance your performance but it will help increase oxygenated blood flow and mobility around joints, leading to a safer, injury free workout. You shouldn’t expect to go from 0 to 100 right away, make sure you work up through the gears and gradually progress into your sessions. 

4. Food is fuel. You might find you are a little hungrier than normal. Make sure you give your body the energy that it needs. Plan a healthy pre AND post work out snack accordingly. 

5. Finally - treat yourself to some new quality gym gear that makes you feel good. We’re all guilty of living in gym clothes for the past 6 months - so what better excuse for a top up? A new workout wardrobe will help motivate you and give you the confidence to get back out there!


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