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Who We Are


Well, put simply we are two people with active backgrounds who are passionate about life, fitness and mental wellbeing. We are advocates for taking advantage of the positive opportunities that lay in store for each of us. 

Rhiannon, a figure skating coach and Christopher, previously a personal trainer and group fitness instructor realised they both spent more than 50% of their time in athleisure wear, whether they were training or not. They frequently noted that well designed sports gear usually came at a high price.

‘We want to offer stylish gym wear that’s made from top quality material minus the astronomical price tag.’ 

“We live in such a throwaway society we consciously wanted to design clothing where colour palettes and design were stylish yet simple enough to remain a staple item in your closet for years.”
Christopher Scott, CEO 

We have always had a deep rooted interest in fashion and fitness wear so through years of research and education we knew what it would take to create a brand that offers style and quality. 

After many sleepless nights, many months of designing and redesigning samples, laughing, crying, learning how to be more eco-conscious, we could finally bring you Aeon Vie… and we hope you love it as much as we do!

A little more about the brand.

Our Mantra

Live now, rest later

We encourage you to:

Experience new places,
Meet new people, 
Become more active,
Overcome fear of the unknown,
Take steps towards the things you have always wanted to achieve, 
Grow as a person,
Live without prejudice.

The list goes on, and in essence it can mean whatever you want it to mean. 
Use it to make the positive decisions in life that you have been afraid to take.


Our Mission

We’re not here to tell you that we can make you run faster, jump higher or lift heavier. 
We are here to create fitness wear that looks good, feels incredible and motivates you to perform at your very best. 
We are here to inspire you to be spontaneous, to live life to the full, to be silly and to be yourself.
We are here to include everyone, whoever they may be.

Aeon Vie is committed to being a good karma company and in doing so wants to spread the positive message of each of our affiliates and customers. Reach out to us with any queries, suggestions or success stories and we will do our best to help or promote your hard work as fitting as we can.

We hope you love your new Aeon Vie fitness wear. We have loved making it.


Rhiannon & Christopher, co-founders.