Who We Are


Founded in Scotland, Aeon Vie is the vision of two people with active backgrounds who are passionate about life, fitness and mental wellbeing. We have always had a deep rooted interest in fashion and fitness and believed we could create a brand that offers style and quality. 


Our mission is to steer away from a fast-fashion society. In fact everything we make is produced in small quantities, which we believe makes every item that little bit more exclusive. 


We aren’t driven by ‘quick trends.’ Instead our collections are created with clean aesthetics and premium fabrics that we believe will stand the test of time and remain a staple item in your closet for years. 


We hope to bring you easy-to-wear, easy-to-style, functional fashion which allows you to focus on what’s in front of you - not what’s falling down or falling out!


It’s important to us that our clothing plays a part in empowering your fitness journey rather than distracting from it.

A little more about the brand.

Our Mantra

Love The Journey

We encourage you to:

Experience new places,
Meet new people, 
Become more active,
Overcome fear of the unknown,
Take steps towards the things you have always wanted to achieve, 
Grow as a person,
Live without prejudice,

Be present.


The list goes on, and in essence it can mean whatever you want it to mean. 

Use it to make the positive decisions in life that you have been afraid to take - but most importantly love and embrace your journey as it happens. 


Our Mission

We’re not here to tell you that we can make you run faster, jump higher or lift heavier. 
We are here to create fitness wear that looks good, feels incredible and motivates you to perform at your very best. 
We are here to inspire you to be spontaneous, to live life to the full, to be silly and to be yourself.
We are here to include everyone, whoever they may be.

Aeon Vie is committed to being a good karma company and in doing so wants to spread the positive message of each of our affiliates and customers. Reach out to us with any queries, suggestions or success stories and we will do our best to help or promote your hard work as fitting as we can.

We hope you love your new Aeon Vie fitness wear. We have loved making it.