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In our efforts to look after our planet we try to blend high levels of comfort and feel with long-lasting, durable materials in order to give you more wear per item. Our intention is to design items with longevity in mind using simple designs and colour palettes. 


When you buy a pair of our leggings, we hope that you will love them for years to come. However, when it is time to move on to your next pair of Aeon Vies, we encourage you to pass your pre-loved gym gear on to a dear friend, donate them to your local charity shop or, if they are very well-loved and no longer suitable to pass on, recycle them. 


How to recycle clothing and help the environment


For our UK friends click here to find out how to recycle locally.

For our US friends click here to find out how to recycle locally. 

 Non UK and US residents should check out their local government websites to find out more information. 


How we plan to make our company more sustainable and friendly to the environment


We are already researching how to use more eco-friendly and sustainable materials in our emerging products. Right from the beginning, we have tried consciously to improve our packaging. In the future we hope that our packaging will be either recycled, recyclable or reusable. We are already reducing unnecessary packaging where we can and ensure that any extras at our end are responsibly recycled.


Handshake image. How we source our partners responsibly.


All of our clothing is designed and tested in the UK. 


Our suppliers:

Our factories are situated across the globe. We spend a lot - A LOT - of time researching suppliers. We wanted to find suppliers who we can trust to produce quality products which are made in a safe environment. 


Happy earth with a smile.